Andy Ford Addresses Hospitality Conference

Andy Ford Addresses Hospitality Conference

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Andy Ford Addresses Hospitality Conference


Andy Ford, CultureWaves™ WaveMaster and Chief Insights Officer for NOBLE Communications delivered the keynote address at the 21st Annual Hospitality Industry Symposium held this week in San Francisco. Ford is also a frequent contributor to The Food Channel.

The theme of this year’s conference is Three Pillars of Balance: Wellness, Sustainability, Humanity.

Andy Ford is a trained observer of the effect that lifestyle choices, demographics, media bombardment, education, and experiences have upon the world’s diverse population. His job is to fit in with – and infiltrate – a variety of groups, giving him a unique perspective on social and brand interaction.

As WaveMaster, Ford works in close association with the CultureWaves creative laboratory where consumer insights are tracked 24/7 via a proprietary virtual landscape. He stays plugged into the heart of consumer trends by monitoring their exploration and experimentation. He then translates this in-the-trenches experience for clients, helping them understand the purchase and consumption behavior of their target audiences A few brands for which he has translated waves include Doritos, Taco Bell and Auntie Anne’s.

Immersing himself in popular media to better understand his audience, Ford is a publisher of the blog and the Wave Master’s blog on the CultureWaves website. His first-hand knowledge of underground trends impacting the products and messages in the mainstream will take you inside the heads and hearts of the next generation consumer.

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