Finally a Trend Worth Firing Up About

Finally a Trend Worth Firing Up About

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Finally a Trend Worth Firing Up About


Toot, poot, traf, pass gas or read “The Fart Without Fear Cookbook” written by Wayne Chen & Gary Goss. Goss is a best-selling cookbook author (Blue Moon Soup) and restaurateur who created the recipes. Chen, a former NASA aerospace engineer, is an expert on propulsion. Who knew? These two guys have, in my mind, reached ‘Rock Star Status’ by bringing something so closeted to the forefront. Because relationships are challenging enough without the added occurrence of human gas. Not to mention the social benefit this book could bring to elevator users, public transportation riders and moviegoers.

As noted by Elena Ferretti, writing for, Fart Without Fear (FWF) provides regular recipes and FWF versions which provide substitutions for methionine- and cystine-packed ingredients. Each recipe is rated on an odor index scale they created using a Boston Baked Beans recipe as a control. A small graphic of a rear-end indicates a food’s odor rating. Each recipe is given between one (least offensive) and five butts (most offensive). Six butts or more are represented by a mushroom cloud.  We may laugh, but I can’t tell you how many times my sweet husband has asked me “What did you feed me last night?” Always after a raucous night of sheet wafting. 

I think anyone reading this who knows me will understand why this trend is so near and dear to my heart. But since there truly is real science behind this cookbook, I will be certain to get ahold of a copy.  If I can alter my favorite comfort foods just a bit, the use of air-freshener will certainly lessen. I think there are plenty of women out there that could absolutely benefit from this cookbook.

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