Finger Lickin' at Russ' Ribs

Finger Lickin' at Russ' Ribs

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Finger Lickin' at Russ' Ribs


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OK, so it’s had a name change, but no one told the building. It’s now officially called Coleman’s Rib Joint—Russ sold out last year—but they kept the menu and, so far at least, have kept the signature environment.

Literally, signature. The décor, you see, includes autographs from customers on every inch of space, including the ceiling. It’s fun, but the main attraction is still the food. Try the tri-tip, hot link and coleslaw flung together in something called Russ’ Stacker.

Then get back on the road, licking your fingers. If you leave hungry, it’s your own fault. Just ask them.


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