Flavor: Something to Chew On

Flavor: Something to Chew On

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Flavor: Something to Chew On


Flavor is an interesting concept.

Apple Pie, for example, isn’t really a flavor. It’s a dessert. One of my husband’s favorites, although I have a hard time replicating the one his mother always made.

And Orange Crème Pop. That’s not a flavor. Nor is Strawberry Shortcake.

And yet, those are the flavors out now in Extra Dessert Delights gum, made by Wrigley. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not knocking it. In fact, I picked up one of each, including Key Lime Pie and Mint Chocolate Chip.

I actually find them, well, delightful. Our favorite dessert . . . flavors . . . all wrapped up in a tiny stick. And sugar free, to boot. They aren’t exactly something you can sit down with, with a cup of coffee, but you can’t beat them for portability!

Don’t even get me started on the newest gum with vitamins in it. (OK, for those who really want to know, it’s the Stride Spark, distributed by Cadbury, with flavors such as “Kinetic Fruit.”

Flavor). I guess it’s all in your point of chew . . . I mean, view.


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