Food Channel Readers Are Big on H2O and Happy Hour, Not on Coupons

Food Channel Readers Are Big on H2O and Happy Hour, Not on Coupons

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Food Channel Readers Are Big on H2O and Happy Hour, Not on Coupons


While our Food Channel beverage survey didn’t turn up any major surprises, it did indicate we’re drinking more water these days; that we enjoy the occasional night out for drinks, and that coupons have little or no influence on whether we purchase a beverage at a fast food restaurant.

Water logged a lot of votes. H2O is what most people drink with dinner, with most preferring plain old tap water (57%) over bottled flat water (26%). A few (7.5%) indicated they like to add flavor to their water. Of those who said their beverage habits had changed in the past 6 months the most frequently mentioned change was “drinking more water.” Seems like a healthy trend.

We still like our caffeine to get us going in the morning. Readers overwhelmingly prefer coffee as their preferred breakfast beverage, with 50% checking that box. Fruit juice and milk combined for a distant second, both at about 10%.

Most order a beverage when dining out. About 75% at least occasionally order a beverage (other than water) when dining out, with 21% saying they always do, and 28% ordering most of the time.

We like to try new things. Almost half of our respondents (47%)  said they had tried one of the new specialty iced fruit drinks (such as a strawberry-lemonade), while about the same number tried a specialty iced coffee within the last 6 months. Nearly a third had given flavored liquors a try, and 21% said they’d had a “natural” soda.

Snacking on beverages. More than a third of survey respondents said they sometimes choose a beverage for a snack, with quite a few calling out smoothies. Other choices included V8, chocolate milk, milkshakes or protein shakes, iced coffee with cream, soft drinks, and yes, water.

Hitting happy hour. A sizable number of our Food Channel readers enjoy the occasional evening out for drinks with friends, with 42% saying they do that at least a few times a month, and nearly 15% saying they do so every week.

Not coupon clippers. Only about 30% of survey respondents said that coupons have some influence on beverage purchases at fast food restaurants. Nearly 70% said coupons had very little influence or that they never use them at all.

Thanks to all those who participated in our survey. Be sure to check out our Top Ten Beverage Trends report.


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