Milk vs. PMS Ad Campaign Comes Under Fire

Milk vs. PMS Ad Campaign Comes Under Fire

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Milk vs. PMS Ad Campaign Comes Under Fire



The California Milk Processor Board, the people behind the long-running and award-winning “Got Milk?” campaign, has run into trouble with their latest marketing effort that ties milk consumption to relief of PMS symptoms in women.

What seems to be drawing the most ire is the fact that the ads focus on the plight of men who have to put up with their wives or girlfriends during their “time of the month.” In other words, as if men are the victims here. Using the theme, “Everything I do is wrong,” the ads depict desperate men stocking up on milk in hopes of making their women easier to deal with.

The campaign is fact-based. Studies have shown that milk/low-fat dairy consumption can minimize the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Responding to a tidal wave of complaints, the new campaign’s website—which uses instead of to give the appearance of a public service message—appears to have been shut down. If you type in that web address you are now rerouted to another website, “,” that encourages discussion of the issue. It contains numerous links to other media and blog sites that have issued commentary on the campaign.

The funny thing is, this marketing approach has been used by the milk people for several years, but this latest round of ads has struck a nerve like never before. Have we lost our sense of humor, or is there really something more offensive about this campaign than those run in years past? Hard to say.

Take a look at this TV commercial from 2008 and see what you think.


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