Food Trend Watch: Latin Flavors Going Mainstream

Food Trend Watch: Latin Flavors Going Mainstream

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Food Trend Watch: Latin Flavors Going Mainstream


What used to be an exotic cuisine is now a mainstreaming trend.  According to Karen Fernau of The Arizona Republic, a record number of American cooks are jumping on the bandwagon, embracing Latin cuisine for its mix of spices, fresh ingredients, depth and ability to boost appetites that have been dampened by long, hot summers or branded by boredom of bland food.

Just a couple of decades ago, Latin food consisted of the taco-enchilada cuisine of bordering Mexican states.  Then the early ’90s expanded our perception of Latin foods with the emergence of chipotle peppers, blue cornmeal and black beans.  And next up were Empanadas, ceviche and chimichurri, which by the way goes on anything….

Predictions are that Latin cuisine and the availability of its ingredients will continue to push the Latin trend onward.  With a population of 40.4 million, Latinos today constitute our nation’s largest minority, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. By 2050, the size of the Latino population is expected to swell to 102.6 million. That’s 24% of the population of the United States, an188 % increase in 50 years.  Can you say ¿Cómo?

Love it or hate it Latin foods are here to stay, so why not take advantage of the spicy flavors and keep yourself cool this summer, if nothing else, a classic Margarita on the rocks will do the trick.

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