Fun Places to find The Food Channel

Fun Places to find The Food Channel

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Fun Places to find The Food Channel


People like us! That is, they like our recipes and beautiful food photography and our telling food trend pieces. (They’d like us as people, too, if we could just get into everyone’s home!) Anyway, we thought it would be fun to share just some of the places where we’ve been featured lately:
Our Recipes have been featured in:

Boca Raton Observer

Boca Raton Observer (October 2011) Page 60-70, Page 100-101

Coast Magazine (November 2011) Page 30

Gatehouse Media (November 2011)

Mason-Dixon Arrive (November 2011)

Atlanta Social Season Magazine (Summer 2011) Page 28 & 120 Lifewise

The Saturday Evening Post


Our documentaries and special programs have been mentioned in:

USA Today – Gulf Coast Thanksgiving

Desoto Magazine (May 2011) Page 26-29 – Gulf Documentary

American Feast

Our Food Trends have been picked up by numerous websites, TV news channels, radio programs and more–here’s just a few:


Huffington Post


And, if you want to see more of our trends, check out these pick ups:

Beverage trends

Breakfast Trends

Side Dish Trends

Snack Trends

Dessert Trends

We enjoy putting great features together, and love it when more people get to see it. So, thanks to those who use our creations. You never know where we’ll turn up next!

–The Food Channel Editorial Staff


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