Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

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Get Your Kicks on Route 66


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This video is just the start of our series of stories across six states of the historic Route 66. See “related articles” or search “Route 66” for the full series.


At some point, Route 66 is purely about the neon. Even when you are driving through the daytime sunlight, the signs along the old road are definitively neon. Classically, historically, beautifully neon.

We’ve put this animated video of our photographs together so you can see just how much signage still exists. Although much of it is worse for wear, some of the signs have been restored and are still in use at thriving tourist attractions along the Mother Road.

Also, check out all the stories at our related links (below), as they are added over the next few weeks. Travel Route 66 with us and feel free to share your own memories and impressions of this famous highway.



All photos courtesy of Paul K. Logsdon


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