Guest Correspondent: Susan Benigas

Guest Correspondent: Susan Benigas

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Guest Correspondent: Susan Benigas


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Susan is a guest correspondent for The Food Channel, writing about plant-based nutrition. Here’s a little more background:

Susan’s passion for plant-based nutrition was sparked in 2008, after an physician suggested she read The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. She refers to this as the most paradigm-shifting read of her adult life; it was just the beginning of the journey. At the time, Susan was president of AMP It Up for Life, a worksite health promotion company. She had become dissolutioned by the status quo approach to “wellness” that consisted of biometric screenings, health risk assessments, often followed by prescription meds and the beat of the drum of medication persistency.

Her question was, Why aren’t we identifying the root causes of disease and eradicating them? So, the timing of her introduction to Dr. Campbell’s research was “just what the doctor ordered”–literally! Susan received her Certification in Plant-based Nutrition through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation in 2009.

Susan says, “While my initial passion about this topic was tied to the food = health vs. food = disease relationship, I’ve been amazed to learn how connected what we eat on a daily basis is to the environment, to our water supply, energy supply, to our ability to feed the ever-growing global population, as well as the reality of what factory farming has become.”

She’s married to Jon, who, when shifting to a plant-based eating regimen, dropped his cholesterol from 199 to 144 in just 30 days! Susan will help you discover and understand the delicious world of plant-based, whole foods nutrition, so you and your family can experience the remarkable health benefits.








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