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FoodWire, September 2011

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FoodWire, September 2011



Vol. 4 Num. 6
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 In This Edition: Vegetarian Recipes Ripe from the Farm   Hot & Cool Trends
First Person Video: How to Pickle Okra   Surfing The Channel
Recipes: Harvest of Flavor    
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Food Channel KitchensVegetarian Recipes Ripe from the Farm

Depending on where you live, that first frost of the fall will be arriving soon, but there’s still time to scoop up the last of the summer’s bounty, whether you’re picking it in your backyard, or picking it up at the farmers market or produce aisle. But maybe you’re overloaded with zucchini and other veggies and wondering what to do with it. We’ve got some tasty recipe ideas we developed after the latest deliveries from our favorite CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farmer and friend, Joe. Vegetarian dishes even a card-carrying carnivore can love.

Food Channel KitchensFirst Person Video: How to Pickle Okra

Have you checked out the First Person Cooking Videos we’ve been featuring lately? Inspired by the technology behind first person shooters and other video game genres, First Person Cooking trades in the gun for a kitchen utensil, and lets the viewer feel like he or she is the one dicing the bell pepper or whipping the heavy cream. It’s a tutorial that lets you learn by doing–vicariously–and seeing it all with your own eyes and from your own perspective, rather than watching someone on the other side of a table. The latest video shows you How to Pickle Okra. Lots of people are pickling and canning this time of year and this video shows how easy it can be. Another great video from First Person Cooking lets you visualize How to Make a Vegetable Fritatta.

Food Channel KitchensRecipes: Harvest of Flavor
Cool early autumn days have us savoring the last of the season’s bounty. We pitch in with fresh-picked recipes like our healthy and vibrant Carrot-Beet Salad. It packs plenty of crunch and a delightful orange taste twist.
Have you tried Tabouli? It’s a marvelous Middle Eastern salad that combines fresh cucumber, tomatoes and bulgur wheat with a tangy lemon-parsley/olive oil dressing.
Summer Squash Casserole
Say “so long” to the season with our hearty Summer Squash Casserole that’s perfect for a cool fall evening.
Zucchini Tart

Our Zucchini Tart with melted gruyère cheese is as delicious as it looks. Who says a vegetarian dish can’t be a little decadent?

Food Channel KitchensSurfing The Channel
A university diner that doesn’t serve meat, milk or eggs
Catering to growing demand from students, the University of North Texas in Denton has opened what’s believed to be the first all-vegan full-service campus cafeteria. The initiative received kudos from PETA and has students lining up outside the door.

How long can you store chicken broth? How do you cook white eggplant? And is there a good substitute for curry powder?
Find the answers to these and other questions in our Ask the Chef section. And if you’ve got a question of your own, send it in to

Can spouses cook together and keep the peace?
Are two people too many cooks in the kitchen? Editor-in-chief Kay Logsdon, in her Comments from the Kitchen Office blog, tells how she and her husband have made it work, now that she has relinquished control over what had previously been her “domain.”

Food Channel Facebook page
Feeding Your Facebook Appetite
Network with fellow foodies from around the world. Check out the Food Channel’s Facebook fan page.

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