Hand Painted Artisanal Chocolates Go to the Grammys

Hand Painted Artisanal Chocolates Go to the Grammys

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Hand Painted Artisanal Chocolates Go to the Grammys


It’s quite an honor to be chosen as one of the pieces of swag for the GRAMMY Awards gift baskets, and no one was more excited than Suplice Chocolat, an exclusive artisan chocolate house.

According to the Suplice Chocolate blog, inside the gift baskets that were presented to performers and presenters were four signature hand painted dark chocolate bars and milk chocolate bars along with a limited edition sipping chocolate with 23 karat gold from Sulpice Chocolat. They sound sensational, as well as beautiful.

Among those receiving the gift bag at Sunday night’s awards presentation were Barbra Streisand, Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Arcade Fire, Eminem, Cee Lo Green, and Miranda Lambert.

“I was looking for the newest, latest and greatest of products to put in front of the celebrities since they’ve seen it all and since you’re always trying to impress the ‘un-impressible,’” says Cybele Parsignault, the marketing and sales director at Distinct Assets, the company responsible for assembling the official GRAMMY gift basket. “In an industry where there is so much [and] everything has been done I was trying to find something unique that tastes really goods,” she says. “Her chocolate definitely does both.”

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