Hot Breakfast Menu Trend: Hot (Not Cold) Pizza

Hot Breakfast Menu Trend: Hot (Not Cold) Pizza

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Hot Breakfast Menu Trend: Hot (Not Cold) Pizza


Cold pizza’s not just for breakfast anymore. Hot pizza is.

Scoot over scrambled eggs, Breakfast Pizza tops the list of the ten hottest menu items for the morning meal.

That’s according to market research company Technomic, which just released its list, based on the growth of mentions on restaurant menus in the second half of 2010. Pizza didn’t even make the list last year.

Some examples cited by Nation’s Restaurant News include the omelet pizza served at Happy Joe’s in Bettendorf, Iowa; a sauce free pie offered by the 24-hour Domino’s in Dayton, Ohio; and something called a Hangover Pizza served at Donatella in New York.

Here’s Technomic’s top ten list of the fastest growing menu items of the last six months, ranked by percentage growth over previous year.

1. Pizza … N/A
2. Scrambled Eggs … 94.4%
3. Bagel … 70.0%
4. Specialty Breakfast Starch … 55.6%
5. Egg/Egg & Cheese Sandwich … 53.1%
6. Oatmeal … 36.4%
7. Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich … 30.4%
8. Specialty Omelette … 22.2%
9. French Toast … 19.6%
10. Sausage Biscuit/Sandwich … 18.8%

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