It's International Pickle Week!

It's International Pickle Week!

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It's International Pickle Week!


You’ve waited weeks…months…and it’s finally here: International Pickle Week, now through May 30! Can you believe it? It’s so exciting.

Naturally fat-free and packed with vitamins, pickles are delicious and nutritious, so they make an ideal ingredient to add flavor and texture to just about any recipe. The Pickle Week web site has a list of great recipes and photos.

Or you can click these titles to check out three pickle-riffic recipe right here.

Picklicious Mac n’Cheese Pizza combines kid favorites Mac’n’Cheese with pickles…and adds pickles.

Ham and Egg Pickled Couscous Salad will breathe new life into your salad recipe repertoire.

And how about a Hot Dog and Garlic Bun Fondue? Is that not a recipe for family fun?

Scroll down to view a great black bean dip and speedy salsa recipe video

 Pickles are a part of ancient history. They were favorites of Cleopatra and Napoleon, after all. However, the pickle world is changing. For example, the new sugar-free and low-sodium recipes just launched by pickle maker M.A. Gedney were developed as a result of consumer demand, according to the company.The new products include:

•             Del Monte Sugar-Free Sweet Pickle Relish

•             Del Monte Sugar-Free Sweet Gherkin Pickles

•             Gedney Balsamic Munchers

•             Cains Reduced-Sodium Hamburger Chip

•             Cains Sugar-Free Bread & Butter (B&B) Chip

•             Cains Sugar-Free Sweet Relish

•             Cains Balsamic Munchers

The Reduced-Sodium Hamburger Chip recipe has a 25 percent reduction in sodium and the sugar-free varieties use the calorie-free sugar substitute sucralose, providing consumers with no-sugar sweet relish, B&B and gherkin choices.

“Pickles have long been a nutritious favorite food of which people are passionate,” said Jim Cook, VP Technical Services, M.A. Gedney Company. “Yet recently consumers have requested reduced-sodium and sugar-free options.  We’re proud to meet their demand without compromising the quality or flavor of our pickles.”

Pickle giveaways

 You’ll meet Dilly the Pickle on the Pickle Week site. Dilly is a Facebook fiend and he’s got a bunch of free giveaways that he’s sharing with his Facebook friends every day this week. His page is a fun community of pickle lovers.

Perhaps you have a friend that may be unaware of Pickle Week. You can alert these uninformed souls with free Free Pickle E-cards available at


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