Jalmundo, A Jalapeño as Big as the World

Jalmundo, A Jalapeño as Big as the World

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Jalmundo, A Jalapeño as Big as the World


In a move to increase the amount of cheese we consume, the New Mexico State University chile pepper breeding program has bred a wholly new, extra large, medium-hot jalapeño pepper precisely optimized for jalapeño poppers—jalapeños stuffed with cheese and deep fried.

The technical name NuMex Jalmundo is a contraction of “jalapeño” and “mundo.” Mundo is Spanish for “world” explains the Institute’s director, Paul Bosland. The jumbo chile emerged from a hybridization, between a bell pepper (Keystone Resistant Giant) and a regular-sized jalapeno (of the Early Jalapeño varietal), and was specifically created to respond to American consumer demand for ever larger, cheesier and meatier jalapeño poppers, a popular stuffed, breaded, and deep-fried appetizer or bar snack.

So, in this age of obesity and portion control awareness is this really a good idea?  I do think it’s pretty cool, hybridization and all, but it seems like we could use this technology and come up with an edible capsaicin chile pepper that could reduce pain or help prevent inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Innovation is cool, but not if all it does is expand our waistlines, because I know deep fried cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers are highly addictive.

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