Lots of Buzz Around Chocolate Milk

Lots of Buzz Around Chocolate Milk

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Lots of Buzz Around Chocolate Milk


We’ve all seen those recent Gatorade commercials that try to sell us on the idea that we should drink a different version of the company’s sports drinks before, during, and after we engage in athletic activities.

Now, as reported by Melanie Pinola in a story for lifehacker.com, a pair of new studies confirm that a better beverage to down after a hard workout or race is…chocolate milk?

The same chocolate milk that’s been banned for the coming school year by the Los Angeles school district? The same chocolate milk that Jamie Oliver’s been crusading against for the past two installments to his Food Revolution series?

Yes, that chocolate milk (although the low-fat version is best, according to the studies). According to a study by the University of Texas-Austin, athletes who drank low-fat chocolate milk after a hard workout (as compared to those who drank sports beverages with just carbohydrates) developed more muscle and less fat, as well as improved workout times.

An additional study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found cyclists who drank chocolate milk had twice the maximal oxygen uptake (the most amount of oxygen an individual can use during intense exercise, an indicator of cardiovascular fitness) as those who drank calorie-free beverages or carbohydrate sports drinks.

Chocolate milk with a kick

In related news, have you tried the new boozy chocolate milk? You can now pick up a bottle of 40-proof Adult Chocolate Milk at a club store or liquor store near you. The mixture of chocolate milk and vodka uses the tagline “Re-taste your youth at 40-proof.”

Sounds like fun, but we’re not sure how well this stuff will actually sell. It’s pretty pricey at around $24 for a one-liter bottle.

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