McDonald’s Asks Customers to Create Their Dream Burger

McDonald’s Asks Customers to Create Their Dream Burger

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McDonald’s Asks Customers to Create Their Dream Burger


Mickey D’s, always looking for new food ideas, asked its customers in Germany to design a new burger they would like to see on the menu.

The Golden Arches folks called their campaign “Mein Burger” (My Burger) and used several social media outlets to reach customers, inviting them to “build their own burger and be famous.”

The five finalists all will make the menu

McDonald’s customers responded with more than 116,000 entries which the company narrowed down to five finalists. The winner was a chicken burger dubbed the “Just Stevinho” which features a breaded chicken pattie topped with herb sauce and cucumber. The sandwich garnered 143,552 Facebook likes, and was the star of a TV commercial that aired for one week.

The four other finalists will also be added to the McDonald’s summer menu as LTOs (limited time only). They include the McBrezel (or McPretzel), which is a meatloaf pattie on a McRib bun with a smear of potato salad, onions and cheese; and the Tanja Grilled Chicken Barbecue, grilled chicken topped with corn, pepper-jack cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce.

Whether the new menu offerings will succeed remains to be seen, but McDonald’s-Germany is certainly sold on the power of social networking sites.

Wonder if they would ever do this in the U.S.A.? I’ll bet the fast food giant would get some very interesting responses.

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