Mega Merger Accelerates Breakfast Cereal Boom

Mega Merger Accelerates Breakfast Cereal Boom

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Mega Merger Accelerates Breakfast Cereal Boom


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Everybody does it. Eats cereal, that is.  So, now the big names of the cereal universe are combining forces to create a boom of growth for the popular breakfast staple.

Considering that there are around 273 million bowls of cereal eaten on a daily basis, it is hard to believe that it is a category with a lot of growth potential, but with the new partnership of General Mills and Nestle forming the Cereal Partners Worldwide, the head honchos are bullish on global expansion, especially in developing markets including France, Turkey and Asian countries.

Quoted for a story by John Revill in the Wall Street Journal, Ken Powell, CEO and chairman of General Mills, said: “We see CPW’s future as very bright indeed, not only because the cereal category is in still its early stages of growth, in many areas around the world, but also because consumers want to live healthier.” 

Further belief that this is the future of breakfast food, CPW has invested 47 million Swiss francs in a state of the art innovation center in Orbe, Switzerland. The center will focus on ingredients, improving existing products such as sugar or salt contents, and finding ways to make the beneficial ingredients like fiber more palatable.

So, eating healthier may become something we actually look forward to. Instead of choking down a bowl of fiber or grainy flax seed, it will be a tasty treat that can be consumed breakfast, lunch or dinner.  So let’s get those spoons polished and dive right in!

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