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Men at the Kitchen

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Men at the Kitchen


Here’s more evidence that The Food Channel’s 2011 trend prediction, “Men in Aprons,” has indeed gained major traction.

A brand new website has popped up devoted to the new breed of macho cooking enthusiasts.

Making note of The Food Channel’s trend prediction, Vidya Rao, reporting for, says the new site,, will offer content—recipes, food conversation, lifestyle, cocktails—specifically targeted at men. Editor Richard Martin partnered with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson to create the website, which launched late last month.

Food Republic presents stories on guy-friendly subjects such as how to grill a rib-eye steak, mix a Rob Roy cocktail, or make hearty snacks for game-day viewing. A recent edition featured an interview with actor Hill Harper of CSI:NY, who discusses food, wine, and travel.

Another up and coming website, ManTested Recipes, is all about recipes for dudes…meaty, man-pleasing recipes for steaks, spaghetti & meatballs, burgers, ribs, chili and pizza.

More young men today are getting comfortable in the kitchen, and want to learn to do more than just grill a steak. Kelly Ann Hargrove, recreational program director for the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, told the Post that there’s been “a pretty big leap” in the number of young guys taking cooking classes, with enrollment up to 32% male vs. about 20% two years ago.

Whether inspired by cooking competition shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef, or taking on the role due to the state of the economy—wife brings home bacon, husband fries it up in the pan—there’s no doubt more fellas are spending at least as much time with spatulas and whisks as they are with hammers and power drills.

Want photographic evidence? asked readers to send in pics of “hot men cooking” and you can view some of them here.

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