Into the Mouths of Babes: Emerging Restaurant Trend

Into the Mouths of Babes: Emerging Restaurant Trend

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Into the Mouths of Babes: Emerging Restaurant Trend


We recently relayed a story about an emerging trend that finds some restaurants implementing a “No child under 6” policy. Now we’re seeing that there’s another restaurant movement that’s trending in the exact opposite direction.

As first reported by Alina Dizik for, some restaurants now go to the trouble of preparing foods that even tykes without teeth can enjoy. Selections include such dishes as pureéd squash, organic chicken, and even a “babe-a-ccino”—a coffee-free cappuccino.

Such restaurants clearly want to hang on to their clientele of parents with young children, and hope these expanded kids menu items will minimize the amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth (or gums) that can disturb other diners.

Some eateries have been doing this for a while, including GustOrganics, a casual dine New York restaurant. After observing mothers ordering regular food and mashing it up for their little ones, the restaurant decided to begin doing the pureeing for them.

GustOrganics now offers organic choices such as beef tenderloin puree with zucchini, carrot and bay leaf, plus a banana and dulce de leche pureé. Dishes are made from scratch, without additives such as salt.

Some chains are getting into the act as well. Starbucks offers the Peter Rabbit Organics line of packaged pureés for babes in arms, in hope of allowing parents to stay awhile, and perhaps make an additional purchase.

Today’s young parents appreciate the effort, and are especially drawn to places where they can purchase a healthy meal for their little ones.

So while one segment of the restaurant business has decided to ban the under-sixers, another segment is welcoming them with open arms and mashed up organic sweet potatoes. Sounds like America to me.

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