New Coffee Lid Amps Up the Aroma

New Coffee Lid Amps Up the Aroma

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New Coffee Lid Amps Up the Aroma


In the highly competitive arena of grab-and-go restaurant coffee, every player looks for an edge. A company based in Hong Kong has come up with an “edgy” new product that could offer a key competitive advantage.

This product actually fits on the “edge” of the take-out cup. It’s an aromatic lid that the company, Mint Urban Technologies, claims will enhance the aroma of the brew, when a person drinks through it.

The aroma is not “mint” as you might infer, given the name of the manufacturer. Rather, it contains an aromatic material formulated to enhance the coffee’s natural bouquet.

Unlike most coffee take-out lids, which tend to block the coffee’s aroma, the Aroma Lid brings it out. Because taste is 95% smell, ordinary lids are preventing consumers from experiencing the full taste of our favorite morning brew, says Mint spokesman Marc Miller. Thus the Aroma Lid not only enhances the aroma, it also does so for the flavor, claims Miller.

Moreover, ordinary plastic take-out lids can actually detract from a coffee’s flavor, according to Miller. Heat from the coffee heats the plastic lid and a plastic fragrance is emitted, causing a subtle plastic aftertaste.

Quoted on the website, Miller says, “The bottom line is the Aroma Lid will make coffee taste better than any other coffee lid on the market.”

Mint offers the new aromatic lids in both a generic, non-branded version, and a brand customizable version.

There’s certainly a big potential market for the Aroma Lid. About 100 billion coffee take-out lids are used each year. If a chain such as Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts were to sign on, Mint Urban Technologies would indeed stand to make a mint.

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