New Truvia-Sweetened Fruit Juices Enter the Market

New Truvia-Sweetened Fruit Juices Enter the Market

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New Truvia-Sweetened Fruit Juices Enter the Market


Health conscious cranberry juice fans looking for lower sugar options have up to now been forced to choose between artificial sweeteners or watered-down juice products.

Now Sparta, Mich.-based fruit juice company Old Orchard Brands has entered the lower-calorie fruit juice market with a new line of naturally-sweetened juice blends that contain only natural ingredients and have 40% less sugar than traditional cranberry juice varieties.

Cranberry Naturals feature a proprietary blend of Truvia™ brand natural sweetener and just a hint of natural sugar to create a naturally reduced-sugar juice with just 16 grams of sugar—about 50% less than the leading cranberry juice—and 70 calories per eight-ounce glass.

Truvia is a stevia-based sugar substitute developed jointly by Coca-Cola and Cargill. It is currently distributed and marketed by Cargill as a tabletop sweetener and as a food ingredient. Because it comes from the stevia plant, Cargill classifies it as a natural sweetener. One teaspoon of truvia is said to contain the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar.

Cranberry Naturals began to appear in grocery retailers across the nation last month in 64-ounce bottles retailing for about $3.00.

“Consumers are looking to cut sugar and calories, and at the same time we’re seeing greater interest in all-natural sweeteners,” said Mark Saur, founder and president of Old Orchard. “That’s no longer a contradiction in terms. Cranberry Naturals include a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners to offer all of the flavor and health benefits of traditional cranberry juice blends, but with a fraction of the calories and sugar of traditional juices.”

Available in six cranberry flavors including blended choices such as Cranberry Blueberry, Cranberry Pomegranate, and Cranberry Raspberry; the Cranberry Naturals line has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends choosing low-calorie beverages as a way to reduce sugar for a healthy daily diet.  Currently, the AHA reports the average American consumes as much as four-times the recommended amount for healthy diets (as much as 22 teaspoons per day).

Old Orchard Brands is the second-largest producer of fruit juice concentrates and fourth-largest manufacturer of bottled juice* in the U.S. For more information you can visit

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