Restaurant Nutrition in the National Spotlight

Restaurant Nutrition in the National Spotlight

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Restaurant Nutrition in the National Spotlight


By Steven Kent President/CEO

As part of her campaign to end childhood obesity, First Lady Michelle Obama has turned her attention to the restaurant industry. According to White House officials her goal is to convince restaurants to adopt “smaller portions and children’s meals that include healthy offerings like carrots, apple slices and milk instead of French fries and soda”.

In an effort to get the ball rolling, Mrs. Obama’s advisors have been meeting with representatives of the National Restaurant Association for the last year in an effort to persuade them to buy into her goals. That may happen sooner rather than later.

The last year has seen the consumer become more health conscious. They have demanded more nutritious alternatives on menus and restaurants have complied. Due to our sluggish economy restaurants are weary of angering their consumers and many have reconstructed their menus to reflect the wishes of their diners.

Now, with the First Lady adding pressure to the food service industry, nutrition in restaurants has been brought under the national spotlight. So how can restaurants make a good impression and transition into providing healthier menu options quickly?

Over the last year MenuMax has developed some pretty amazing software to help restaurants control portion sizes and provide national analysis for their menus. With MenuMax restaurants can manage recipes, analyze nutritional content, and even create nutritional labels for their menus.

Our investors take very seriously the health of our children. That is why MenuMax is applying for several patents on our technology and using data provided the USDA to develop a program school systems can use to analyze their school lunch programs for cost and nutrition.

With the right tools in place restaurants can provide nutritional information to their patrons and become industry leaders in providing healthier food options.

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