Robots Wait Tables at Chinese Restaurant

Robots Wait Tables at Chinese Restaurant

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Robots Wait Tables at Chinese Restaurant


Leave it to the Chinese, with their population of well over a billion, to replace humans with robots to serve restaurant customers.

We reported last year that a Korean tech firm had a Robo Cafe in development, one that would be “manned” by a staff of robots. Well, it appears the Chinese have actually gone and done it.

The Dalu Rebot Restaurant, located in the city of Jiang in China’s Shandong Province, has been open about a month. The eatery has two robot hostesses and a “staff” of six robot waitresses—two that serve drinks, two that serve small tables, and two more that wait on the restaurant’s one big table. According to the report by Mikaela on, the robots can handle a customer base of about 100 diners.

The robots, which look a bit like C3PO of Star Wars fame, do all the serving. The tables are arranged in a circular pattern so that the robots can glide along on little bikes on a preset pathway. Dalu Rebot also has humans on staff, preparing the food in the kitchen.

The restaurant concept is the creation of The Shandong Dalu Science and Technology Company, which has plans to further develop this idea and ultimately have a staff of as many as 40 robots. It seems the restaurant’s business really took off after the robots were “hired.”

Makes me wonder: How much do you tip a robot?

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