St. Patrick's Day Recipes to Get Irish Eyes Smiling

St. Patrick's Day Recipes to Get Irish Eyes Smiling

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St. Patrick's Day Recipes to Get Irish Eyes Smiling


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Get your Irish On with These St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

That special one day of the year when people around the world (and especially Americans) pretend to be Irish is almost here. Yes, the feast of St. Pat’s will have us wearing green or gettin’ pinched.

Parties and celebrations will be going on all over on and around March 17th, which is believed by Christians and Catholics to be the date of the saint’s death in the fifth century. Rivers will be turned green and rivers of green beer will be poured.

Perhaps you have a get-together planned to mark the occasion and you need some party food ideas. Well, we’ve got a pot o’ gold’s worth of recipes sure to get Irish eyes smilin’.

So, without any further blarney, here are some of our St. Paddy’s Day favorites…

A wee bit of history

Irish immigrants in Boston have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day publicly since as far back as 1737, and New York’s first St. Patrick’s Day parade marched through the streets of Manhattan  back in 1762. 

Although St. Pat’s Day has been a very American holiday for many years, Ireland has just recently begun to make a big deal out of the holiday, mostly as a way to bring tourists to its shores. In recent years, close to a million people have gathered to attend the festival in Dublin, which goes on for several days with parades, concerts, theatre productions and fireworks.

Irish food, although not generally considered one of the world’s great cuisines, does offer some unique and flavorful dishes, many of which are consumed with gusto during those days around mid-March. Irish whiskey, beers and ales on the other hand, are some of the most admired libations in the world.

Want to celebrate with a classic Irish beverage? We’ll show you how to make a Black & Tan.

Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

View our video of the scene around the Chicago River as it’s turned green to celebrate St. Pat’s.


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