A Star to Which Wich

A Star to Which Wich

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A Star to Which Wich


A Star to Which Wich – Which Wich is offering a free cookie promotion when you draw a start. Let’s hear it for simplicity in marketing! Read about it in our editor’s kudo’s column.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are noteworthy. In this case, it’s the July 4 campaign that Which Wich is running. It’s called “Star Your Bag”–and it’s so simple, it’s kind of marketing genius. No big printing costs, no surprises for their loyal audience. Just a simple email to followers that says, “This July 4 weekend, draw a star next to your name and receive a free cookie.” Yes, it requires purchase of a sandwich, but that’s what you went in for, anyway. It’s a nice little insider tip that does all kinds of double duty. It makes you feel like a star. It gives you inside knowledge. It rewards your loyalty. And, it’s fun. I can see all the varieties of stars now. After all, those bags tend to bring out your creativity anyway. And who doesn’t like crayons?

So, kudos to Which Wich for keeping it simple, but relevant. Because, when it comes right down to it, the star is a nice reminder of the country in which we are privileged to live and work. Happy Independence Day!


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