Super-Sized McDonald’s Will Be Its Biggest Ever

Super-Sized McDonald’s Will Be Its Biggest Ever

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Super-Sized McDonald’s Will Be Its Biggest Ever


The 2012 London Olympics kick off a bit less than a year from now, and McDonald’s will serve as the official restaurant of games. The burger chain has already begun to gear up for it, announcing this week that it will build the system’s largest ever McDonald’s restaurant for the summer games.

The 30,000-square foot, two-story building will house a kitchen four times its standard size to accommodate the Olympic crowds, seating 1,500 customers. McDonald’s says it expects to serve 1.75 million meals during the games, which run from July 27 to August 12, 2012. That’s more than 100,000 meals a day—talk about fast food! It had better be super fast.

The super-sized restaurant was designed by architect Philippe Avanzi, who garnered rave reviews for his stylish makeovers of McDonald’s units in the Manhattan area of New York. Jill McDonald, CEO of McDonald’s UK operations describes the interior as a “reflection of street life” that will incorporate graffiti and urban art as a design theme.

There will be four McDonald’s restaurants erected expressly for the games–two in the Olympic park, one in the athlete’s village, and one at the press center. All four have been designed to be disassembled after the conclusion of the games, with pieces and parts (including furniture and kitchen equipment) then finding their way into other McDonald’s units.

There has been some criticism directed at the organizers of the London Olympics with regard to McDonald’s role as official restaurant of the games. Critics say fast food in general contradicts the Olympic values of health, fitness and endurance, pointing to the high fat and sodium content found in many popular menu items.

McDonald’s, a long-time Oympics sponsor, counters that they offer many items that promote a healthy lifestyle.

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