Things To Be Thankful For

Things To Be Thankful For

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Things To Be Thankful For


We spent Thanksgiving, once upon a time, with a friend who asked each person around the table to identify what they were thankful for.

I was last. And by the time it got to me, all the good ones were taken. Family. Friends. Health. Jobs. Support in times of poor health and job lay-offs. Even “good food” had been taken.

Ever since, I’ve been prepared with a detailed list. I’m not just thankful for my children, I’m thankful for the fact that they text me with funny things that happen in their lives. I’m not just thankful for good food. I’m thankful for spinach salad with warm honey mustard and bacon dressing, and for discovering blackened red snapper, and for dark chocolate.

It’s good to be specific. I remember, as a kid, I didn’t go to some event “all the other kids” were going to. Fact was, I didn’t even ask my folks if I could go, figuring the answer would be “no.” I’m sure I thought we wouldn’t have the money, or that no one could drive me, or whatever rationalization I had. And then, when I complained that I didn’t get to go, my Mom quite rationally said, “You never asked.”

She was right. I’d never been specific about what was happening. And, in the process, I missed something.

So, as you sit down for your Thanksgiving meal this year get specific about the good things that have happened. Think about those co-workers who have made you laugh, and those funny family moments that warm your heart. Think about where you have been blessed, and where you, perhaps, have been a blessing. And share when possible, because that’s part of what makes this particular holiday memorable.

Then, after you eat, go out and create new things for which you can be thankful.

Just think what stories you can bring to the table next Thanksgiving.


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