Notice a Change?

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Notice a Change?

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Notice a Change?


Notice a change?

If you are a regular visitor to, you obviously are seeing something different.

In fact, the site should offer you a completely different experience.

We’ve taken a good look at your emails and questions. We’ve followed the advances in technology. And we’ve gathered our strengths to come up with a site that will deliver both what you want, and something you didn’t even realize you needed!

Over the coming months we’ll be adding new shows, partnering with some interesting people around the world who have created food-related programming, as well as creating new features from our own Food Channel Test Kitchens. So stay tuned as we bring you tips, trends, recipes, tools, products and more to enhance your world of food.

How to Use:

The site is built with “tiles” that are easily sorted according to your own Search. Want chicken? Just put chicken in the search bar and you’ll be delivered everything we have about chicken—the latest trends, recipes, and food ideas.

Just want to look at recipes? Click the tab and you can browse the beautiful photos to make your selection—the most recent recipes are at the top, so each time you return you can easily check out the newest ones or ones we are featuring for special events.

The color codes help you sort them out, too—green is for our Shows, blue for Recipes, red for News & Trends, orange for Chefs & Experts, and yellow for Products. We’re steadily adding new content to each of these sections to add to your food knowledge and experience.

You’ll also find Trending Topics, so you can quickly and easily find the latest information on what’s hot in the world of food. More is coming, so grow with us and enjoy.

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