Tips for Eating Healthier from a Vending Machine

Tips for Eating Healthier from a Vending Machine

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Tips for Eating Healthier from a Vending Machine


“I’m just going to grab something from the vending machine.” It’s a comment we’ve all heard from time to time, and maybe even uttered a few times ourselves.

The translation: I’m hungry and I’m going to eat some junk food.

Trying to alter that scenario is a man with the happy name of Jolly Backer. He’s the CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending, a new company that’s out to change the way people see vending machines, and the nutrition that they get from them.

“Maybe it wasn’t easy to find healthy, tasty food from vending machines before, but we have made it our mission to change that,” explains Backer. “Now, people can get a nutritious snack or beverage, whether they are playing, working, or at school. We are on the move and hopefully coming to an area near you soon.”

Healthy Fresh Vending machines are stocked with a wide variety of top-brand healthy food options, ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to baked chips, to soymilk and yogurt.

Backer tries to fill his machines so there is something for every budget and taste. The vending machines also offer a cashless payment option.

He offers up these tips for eating healthy from a vending machine, whether it’s one of his machines or not:

1. Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables first. They are usually the lowest in calories and highest in fiber, and they pack a nutritional punch.

2. To save calories on beverages, choose flavored water, unsweetened iced tea, milk, or soymilk.

3. Try to keep your snack option to 100 calories, and pay attention to the number of servings. You may need to share it with a friend or save some for later.

4. Select the most nutrient-dense foods, so that your snack satisfies you longer, such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, yogurt, natural granola bars, and smoothies.

5. Determine whether you are hungry or just thirsty. People often believe they are hungry, thus filling up on calories, when really they are simply dehydrated and need to drink something, specifically water or flavored water.

Based in San Diego, Fresh Healthy Vending began operations in 2010. Its vending machines are franchised and are being placed in schools, offices and other locations throughout the country. For more information you can visit the website.

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