Top Chefs Share Restaurant Faves on New App

Top Chefs Share Restaurant Faves on New App

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Top Chefs Share Restaurant Faves on New App


Do you use Yelp and other online users’ review sites to decide where to dine out? Do you sometimes find the info to be lacking in sophistication and expertise?

A new digital food guide has just been launched that lets users know where some of the best dishes can be found in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and L.A. It’s called Chef’s Feed, and the difference between this new iPhone app and other sources such as Yelp or Zagat is that Chef’s Feed houses a database of info from hundreds of America’s most esteemed chefs—culinary icons like Thomas Keller, Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, and David Kinch. It tells you where some of the nation’s best chefs like to eat when they dine out–and what their favorite dishes are.

Chef’s Feed was put together by brothers Jared and Steve Rivera, along with San Francisco food writer Sara Deseran. The Rivera brothers had spent years working in the business of bar and restaurant promotion, founding their company, Rivera Public Relations.

Guidebooks very quickly become dated, Jared Rivera says, and while he admits Yelp has a tremendous following, “it’s mediated by people who don’t really know anything about food,” he says.

While at the P.R. agency, the brothers kept a book of chef recommendations they’d gathered over the years. Chef’s Feed enables them to share that inside knowledge with the rest of the world.

For nearly a year, Jared toured the country, interviewing more than 100 chefs about their favorite dishes from restaurants other than their own. He compiled the data, creating a digital guidebook that’s continuously updated.

The app includes a “Feed Me Now” function that lets users locate the best dishes nearby, via the iPhone map. In addition, passengers flying Virgin Airlines to any city served by Chef’s Feed can watch a short documentary film about the restaurants in their destination city, shot by Jared and his girlfriend Jennifer Olsen.

Chef’s Feed hopes to expand soon to serve Seattle, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Austin, and Atlanta…and eventually be available in every major American city. You can download Chef’s Feed for free on your iPhone.

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