Trend Watch: Cows Line Up for Stand Up Comic

Trend Watch: Cows Line Up for Stand Up Comic

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Trend Watch: Cows Line Up for Stand Up Comic


Stand-Up Comic Tries to Get Laughing Cows

Advertising has told us about “happy cows” and there’s a cheese brand called Laughing Cow, but would cows actually laugh at a stand-up comic?

Someone decided to try and find out if cows have a sense of humor. As reported by Orange News, UK, British comedian Milton Jones was brought to a Hertfordshire farm to tell jokes in front of a live audience of cows. Cow expert Bruce Woodacre was on hand to observe the cows’ reaction.

A couple of examples of Jones’ jokes:

“So you cows say you’re vegetarians – but how come you all wear leather, eh?”  

“Went to one of those farmers markets the other day – bought a couple of farmers. Should taste lovely!”

While those may seem a bit lame to us humans, they were, after all targeted to a specific demographic. Jones said he wrote a raft of material to “really get under their hides.”

“They were a tough crowd to begin with, although I’ve played to tougher, and whilst I tried not to milk it too much when I was up there, in the end I can say hand on heart they were udderly brilliant.”

Woodacre, who has studied cow behavior for more than four decades, said, “Happy cows are more productive and there’s a chance we’ve stumbled across something here.”

“Most of the herd crowded closely round the stage and jostled for a good position. They had their mouths open and their ears laid back, indicating they were relaxed and content. Not everyone was entertained though — I definitely heard some low heckling moos and there were even a few walk-outs.”

The event was staged by—well, of course—the makers of Laughing Cow cheese.

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