Trend Watch: Growing Mushrooms in Your Kitchen

Trend Watch: Growing Mushrooms in Your Kitchen

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Trend Watch: Growing Mushrooms in Your Kitchen


Wouldn’t it be nice to grow a mushroom garden and have fresh mushrooms for use with pizzas, salads, stir-fries and all kinds of recipes? And to harvest those mushrooms in little more than a week…in the dead of winter?

A new product launched last spring enables you to do just that. Perhaps best of all, there’s no digging required. Let’s hope that this is a trend that really takes off.

The Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden was introduced at Whole Food Markets in Berkeley, Calif., with the idea of bringing a sustainable mushroom farm right into Bay Area home kitchens. 

The amazing garden-in-a-carton is now available nationwide in nurseries and science stores, as well as Whole Foods locations across the U.S.

To get fresh, tasty Pearl Oyster Mushrooms, you just put the Easy-to-Grown Mushroom Garden on a windowsill and mist it a couple times a day with the provided mister. Within 7 days or so, little mushroom pinheads start popping out of the window that’s on the front of the package. Then the mushrooms really start growing—doubling in size every day, according to the BTTR Gourmet Garden people.

On the company’s website you find testimonials from the likes of Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters and late night TV host Carson Daly.

If it’s good enough for Alice Waters, it’s good enough for me.

The product sells for $19.95 and you can learn more by visiting

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