Website Rewards Gamers for Eating Right

Website Rewards Gamers for Eating Right

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Website Rewards Gamers for Eating Right


Make a game of it! That’s what my mother always used to say whenever I complained about a chore I was about to tackle. Now there’s a new website that applies that idea to the challenge of eating right.

As reported by, the site is called Foodzy, and it’s a place where gamers get rewarded for making healthy food choices.

Foodzy, created by folks in Amsterdam, helps users keep track of what they eat, and rewards them with badges when they make good choices—kind of like Boy- and Girl Scouts, I guess.

The site enables users to check into the site periodically to register what they’ve eaten—Foodzy has a list of food products specific to the country they live in. Those who make a habit of eating healthy foods such as fish, fruits and veggies are rewarded with these cool badges.

But it’s not all about weight loss and a Spartan dietary lifestyle at Foodzy. The site maintains that the best diet is a varied and enjoyable one. For example, users are rewarded for eating cake on their birthday.

Foodzy users can view detailed statistics of what they’ve eaten over time, and can compete against like-minded friends on the site. A mobile app is in the works, too.

The site is free with a Lite account, but the user’s eating history is only kept for 30 days. With a $15 a year Pro account, users get an unlimited food record, detailed insights into food stats, more badges, and the chance to start diet plans.

While we’re not sure this site will appeal to the typical gamer who’s honed his skills shooting bloodthirsty zombies and ruthless mercenaries, Foodzy seems like a good idea for someone who wants to try to eat better and keep a good record of that effort.

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