What Wine Pairs Best with a Big Mac?

What Wine Pairs Best with a Big Mac?

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What Wine Pairs Best with a Big Mac?


So you grabbed some takeout at Mickey D’s and you’re about to chomp down on your Big Mac when you suddenly think, “Man, if I only had a nice glass of wine that perfectly complemented the two all-beef, patties, special sauce, lettuce, pickles and sesame seed bun.”

A sommelier probably wasn’t available, so perhaps the thought passed.

Well, next time you’re in that situation you should check out the wine blog, snooth.com. That’s where blogger Gregory Dal Piaz took on the challenge of pairing wines with an assortment of choices from the McDonald’s menu—and he took the job seriously, not as some kind of snarky joke.

Dal Piaz selected a lineup of seven wines from California, Italy, Spain, Argentina and South Africa and taste tested them against burgers, chicken nuggets and a fish sandwich purchased at the home of the golden arches.

Among his recommendations…

For Filet-o-Fish.  2010 Avalon Sauvignon Blanc from California. “Its green herbal accents supporting the pickle elements in the tartar with the acid helpeds to cut through the cheese and mayo.” But Dal Piaz was surprised that a 2009 Spice Route Chenin Blanc from South Africa performed even better, noting that the more assertive fruit actually enhanced the fish flavor.

For Chicken McNuggets (Plain).  “The real winner here was the Prosecco (NV Voveti from Italy),” Dal Piaz writes, “which turned gently creamy as the acid was tempered by the McNugget, yet was not so intense as to overpower the flavor of the McNugget. This pairing may not work with many of the dipping sauces but it’s pretty damn good on its own!”

For the Big Mac.  Three red wines paired very nicely with the signature sandwich from Mickey D’s, according to Mr. Dal Piaz. He says, “Both the lighter bodied Valpolicella (2009 Bertani, Italy) and richer Merlot (2008 Red Rock Merlot Reserve) worked well,” He says. “The Valpolicella offered a fresh, winey counterpoint to the Big Mac’s flavors, while the burger really helped the fruit in the Merlot to pop. The fact that the wine had a subtle, olivey/savory side to it just added to the overall experience.”

See? He really did take this assignment seriously. And he did all us classy wine lovers/closet McDonald’s junkies a great service.

Other McDonald’s fare paired up with wines in the project included the Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT and the Angus Beef Deluxe. You can read Gregory Dal Piaz’s full report—and much more on wines in general–on snooth.

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