White Eggplant Right on Trend

White Eggplant Right on Trend

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White Eggplant Right on Trend


Question: So, what are these and what do you do with them? I always think of Food Channel when I see beautiful food!


Answer: Beautiful picture! Those are white eggplants; the trendy new eggplant variety showing up in seed catalogs, farm stands and specialty markets everywhere.

They can be prepared much the same way as traditional Italian eggplant. Because white eggplants are less bitter, they do not need to be salted and drained prior to preparing; however the skins of some varieties can be tough and are often peeled.

White eggplant tastes delicious grilled and simply seasoned with olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar and fresh basil. Or roast whole white eggplants, scoop out the tender filling and blend with roasted garlic, olive oil, sea salt and lemon pepper for roasted eggplant dip paired with pita bread.

Note: Photo from the Farmer’s Market, Kerrytown (Ann Arbor, MI).


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