L.A. Pizza Joint Sells Pies Cold and a Day Old

L.A. Pizza Joint Sells Pies Cold and a Day Old

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L.A. Pizza Joint Sells Pies Cold and a Day Old


A. Lots of people dearly love cold pizza.

B. Day-old bakeries have been popular for decades.

Now, an enterprising pizzeria in Los Angeles has put A and B together and come up with something new (sort of) to sell: Cold, day-old pizza.

Downtown LA-based Pizzanista! has started selling multi-slice packages of last night’s leftover pizza for a dollar. Three chilled slices are sealed in plastic wrap the same way you might do it at home, and sold ready to eat or reheat.

Heck, some people actually prefer the cold variety to that which is served fresh from the pizza oven, anyway. There’s something about that cold, congealed cheese and greasy pepperoni that just hits the spot, especially the morning after a night of overindulgence. Am I right, people? You know who you are.

Something tells us this will be a hit with the college kids from USC and UCLA…and who knows, it could spark a trend on college campuses and beyond, all over the U.S. The price is certainly right.

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