Worst Restaurant Trends of 2011

Worst Restaurant Trends of 2011

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Worst Restaurant Trends of 2011


This time of year everyone’s looking ahead to 2012 and making their predictions for the coming year, including food and restaurant trends, of course.

But taking a look back instead, what were some of the 2011’s worst trends? The Superdiners of San Diego polled foodies and food professionals across the city who weighed in with their choices, and we thought many of their picks were right on target. The following are some of the restaurant trends they’d like to see go away or at least give it a rest.

The Burger Binge. Enough already with the burger joints popping up everywhere. And does every restaurant at even the highest high-end level have to have a hamburger on the menu?

Cake Pops. They’re cute and everything, but let’s face it, they don’t really taste that great.

Restaurants closing. Nobody likes to see that (unless maybe it’s one of those gourmet burger joints?).

Comfort food. Surely we be more creative than that.

Molecular cooking. More a fad than a trend.

Truffle oil. Please go away.

Savory sweets. Cheese-and-bacon cupcakes, salami-flavored marshmallows…who asked for this?

Food trucks. Been there, done that. Let the shakeout begin.

Craft beer bandwagoners. Too many Johnny-come-latelies that aren’t really living up to the word “craft.”

Retro cocktails. Just because the guys on Mad Men are guzzling them, do we all have to travel back in time?

iPad ordering. Put your iPad away once you’re at the table. Let the server and sommelier do their jobs.

Wonder which of this year’s 2012 predictions will make it to next December’s “worst” list. We’ll check back in 12 months.

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