2012 Trends for Restaurant Operators

2012 Trends for Restaurant Operators

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2012 Trends for Restaurant Operators


What are the current trends for restaurant operators? As part of The National Restaurant Association’s 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast, some trends were identified that might interest both the restaurant owners and their customers. Here’s what they said:

  • Giving consumers what they want will be crucial for restaurant operators in 2012. As the recession has caused 8 out of 10 consumers to cut back on spending to some degree, it is more important than ever for operators to nudge those guests into patronizing their restaurants.
  • Food quality, customer service quality and value are the top attributes consumers look for when choosing a tableservice restaurant. For quickservice restaurants, customers are looking for food quality, value and speed of service when picking where to dine.
  • The top menu trends are all about local sourcing and nutrition, especially kids’ nutrition.
  • Local continues to build momentum. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers locally produced food items, and more than half of all restaurants currently offer locally sourced produce.
  • And, healthy eating has staying power. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they are trying to eat healthier now at restaurants than they did two years ago, and a majority of restaurants agree that customers are ordering more such items.

To read the full report, click here.

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