Super Sunday Snack Suggestions


Super Sunday Snack Suggestions

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Super Sunday Snack Suggestions


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We’ve had some great Super Bowl snack ideas cross our desks this year, but one from Burguesa Burger takes top honors. They posted it on Facebook with the challenge, “So . . . what are you taking to your super bowl watch party?” Check out the photo, and you’ll see what we mean. Top that!

There are a few other snacks that we’ll call out–ones you may be more able to re-create for your own event.

1. The Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel from Combos. If you like blue cheese and pretzels, you’ll like this snack, perfect to keep you glued to the game (or the commercials).

2. Beanitos new snack sized bean chips–they are gluten free and high fiber, so you can claim a little health in the mix. We had our resident gluten free expert check them out and he pronounced himself a fan, particularly of the Black Bean. They also come as Pinto Bean & Flax Chips (plain or with Cheddar Cheese flavoring), and Chipotle BBQ. A great choice for those who eat gluten free but still want to party with some munchies.

3. No snacking occasion is complete with a bit of guacamole, and we love this recipe for Chunky Guacamole!

4. Need something a little more substantial for a crowd? Try pizza–like this Buffalo Chicken Pizza. It used prepared refrigerator dough so prep is easy.

5. They say that this is the season of highest consumption of Buffalo Wings, so don’t be left out!

6. Sandwiches are always a direct hit, and we recommend these Mini Beef Brisket Cocktail sandwiches.

7. Want a dip that will bring out the flavor in veggies, and provide a little variety from chips? The name might fool you, but our Sewing Club Dip will stitch everything together nicely!

8. Trust us . . . this Spinach Artichoke Dip, with a hint of nutmeg, will spice up your potluck.

9. Still need more? How about these great Nachos.

10. And, back to health again . . . so we have fewer regrets the next day. We love this one made with pomegranate juice – a Pomegranate, Gouda and Pear Quesadilla.

There are plenty of other ideas you can find as you browse the Recipe section of, but perhaps this will get you started. Or if you have one in your area, perhaps you can just go out to Burguesa Burger and celebrate along with the company that knows how to do it in style!


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