Americans More Willing to Eat Weird Foods

Americans More Willing to Eat Weird Foods

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Americans More Willing to Eat Weird Foods


If the results of new poll conducted by the Travel Channel are any indication, American’s appetite for bizarre foods is growing.

To help promote the cable channel’s new TV series, “Bizarre Foods America” (Mondays 10:00 p.m. ET), the Travel Channel surveyed nearly 3,000 adults about their willingness to try weird foods.

The survey found that we Yanks may be becoming more adventurous in our dining habits—at least hypothetically.

When survey respondents were asked what they would serve at a Super Bowl party, about one-third said they’d serve muskrat chili and 20 percent said they’d be okay with putting a pig ear sandwich on the menu.

How about possum fajitas? Seventeen percent said they’d be willing to serve that as a Super Bowl choice, but only 6 percent would be up for serving lamb brains.

Asked to choose between a variety of odd choices, smoked raccoon was a relatively popular choice (39 percent) with respondents, while 18 percent would be willing to be a guinea pig in eating guinea pig. A mere 5 percent would have the stones to dine on duck testicles, however.

The Travel Channel poll also had a celebrity question, as in which star would be most likely to eat roadkill. Top vote getter was Charlie Sheen with 37 percent, followed by his TV replacement, Ashton Kutcher with 27 percent. Roseanne Barr garnered 20 percent of the vote to finish third, and Britney Spears came in a distant fourth with 4 percent.

“Bizarre Foods America” is hosted by chef, food writer and James Beard Award-winning TV personality Andrew Zimmern.

We look forward to watching this new series, but not necessarily having what they’re having.

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