As-Seen-on-TV Cookbooks Stacking Up

As-Seen-on-TV Cookbooks Stacking Up

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As-Seen-on-TV Cookbooks Stacking Up


Want to eat like a vampire—or at least like the vampires and friends depicted in the HBO hit series True Blood? Or do you suppose the mob families from The Sopranos eat better?

Well, you can find spin-off cookbooks based on these and other shows in bookstores now. It appears to be a growing trend, as reported by the Word of Mouth blog on The Guardian.

We’re not sure whether these are for die-hard fans only, or are reaching for a wider audience, but some of them are selling quite well. The Sopranos Family Cookbook has sold nearly 500,000 copies since it was published. It’s said to be one of the better examples of this niche genre. Hey, everybody loves Italian-American food, right? And now there’s a sequel, Entertaining with The Sopranos, even though the HBO series aired its finale several years ago.

The new cookbook, True Blood: Eats, Drinks and Bites from Bon Temps, is a recipe book filled with creepy cocktail concoctions and spicy Cajun dishes based on the fictional citizens of Bon Temps, Louisiana, vampires and otherwise. We’re assuming the recipes call for steaks to be cooked very rare.

Some of the most critically acclaimed shows have tie-in cookbooks. Remember those fussy brothers Niles and Frasier Crane noshing at fictional Seattle coffeehouse, Café Nervosa, in the Emmy-award winning Frasier? Well, there’s a cookbook companion for that series, which lives on in reruns on the Hallmark Channel (and probably others). Cafe Nervosa: The Connoisseurs’ Cookbook makes a great collector’s item for fans of the funny series. It’s packed with stylish café-style recipes inspired by the show.

AMC’s Mad Men has won the Emmy for best drama series several times, and its 60’s-era classic cocktails and dishes are featured in an Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook based on the show about the guys and gals from Madison Avenue’s golden ad age.

Hmmm. What could be next? How about one filled with delicious and contemporary family-style recipes inspired by my favorite comedy series, Modern Family? That could be pretty tasty.

I’ll bet you can think of some other shows that deserve a cookbook spin-off.

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