Breakfast, Meet belVita

Breakfast, Meet belVita

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Breakfast, Meet belVita


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Breakfast is always a challenge. Families are trying to get out the door, no one wants to come home to dirty dishes, no one has time to do more than grab something on the way out.

Enter belVita Breakfast Biscuits from Nabisco®.

They sent samples to the Food Channel Kitchens. Truth be told, we weren’t that interested until the second batch arrived with new flavors—Chocolate and Cinnamon Brown Sugar.

As they sat on my desk, one of our assistant chefs came in and said, “Oh, my kids love those!” Her teens are notoriously picky eaters, so my ears perked up a bit. “They love the Blueberry,” she said.

So, I opened a Blueberry and got a cup of coffee. Pretty good morning snack, with 18-20 grams of whole grain per serving, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, zero trans fat, and 3 grams of fiber.

They aren’t exactly a cookie, but they do have that great portability needed in a mobile society.  In fact, as we lined the flavors up for a taste test, comments ranged from “Pop-Tart” to “graham cracker” as comparisons. What’s more, everyone ended up with a favorite flavor. Mine is probably the Golden Oat, but I’m still sampling!

It was interesting that during our tasting one of our Insights guys popped in and we offered him a taste. He slowly reached into his man-bag and brought out his own packet of the chocolate flavor—as usual, way ahead of us in finding the trends and new items on the shelves.

So, if you haven’t found them yet, give them a try—especially as you handle all the back to school organizational issues around your house. Pair them with a piece of fruit and a glass of milk and consider the breakfast challenge met.


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