Chef's Planet Products Add to Cooking Ease

Chef's Planet Products Add to Cooking Ease

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Chef's Planet Products Add to Cooking Ease


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 At The Food Channel, we get to experiment with interesting products and kitchen items, trying out new recipes and new techniques. When we got hold of some of the new Chef’s Planet products, though, we really went to town! As a result, we have two great new recipes available on The Food Channel, and two great instructional videos to show you how you, too, can make them at home.

We showcased one of our favorite products, the Chef’s Planet Ovenliner, which is a product you’ll just use every day to help keep your oven clean. A couple of lucky crew members grabbed the demos and the rest of us went out and bought our own! All it took was seeing how our Cherry-Apple Pie filling bubbled out of its crust for us to see how much time this product saved us. After all, you wouldn’t want your pie to act any other way—and now you can be prepared!

We also loved the Nonstick Mesh Crisper, which we used in making a Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Calzone. It gave it that pizza house feel, with an evenly done crust that was perfectly crisped on the bottom. Editor’s Note: I’ve now made this easy recipe at home twice, to rave reviews!

So, check out the links and see our Chef Cari as she walks you through these recipes.

And if you want to try the products yourself, you can get them here or by clicking on the logo below.

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