Chicago Chef Hopes to Launch New Restaurant with Kickstarter

Chicago Chef Hopes to Launch New Restaurant with Kickstarter

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Chicago Chef Hopes to Launch New Restaurant with Kickstarter


Chef Jake Bickelhaupt has honed his culinary chops at some of Chicago’s most esteemed restaurants including Alinea, Charlie Trotter’s, and Schwa.

Bickelhaupt has also garnered positive reviews for his underground “guestaurant,” Sous Rising, which he operates out of his home.

But now he’s aiming higher, looking to build a new BYOB brick-and-mortar eatery, called Dyne, that he hopes will one day become one of The Second City’s finest dining destinations. To raise money for the project, Bickelhaupt is using the trendy crowdfunding resource, Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a website that allows dreamers to solicit pledges and raise money to fund their creative projects, whether it’s to develop a new video game, get a first novel published, or open a new restaurant.

In exchange for funding pledges, Bickelhaupt has offered things like autographed aprons, engraved chef knives, and, for pledges of $500 or more, he’ll host a 12-course dinner and “chef for a day” experience.

But, as reported recently by the Huffington Post, Bickelhaupt is well short of his goal of $125,000, with just a week or so left until his Kickstarter campaign is up.

In an interview published on Huff Post, Chef Bickelhaupt lays out some of his vision for Dyne. He says the mission is to give guests “an experience that leaves them satiated on all levels.”

Bickelhaupt says if the Kickstarter campaign comes up short, he’ll try to find other ways to make it happen, but for now he’s still hoping his dream for Dyne will be crowsourced into reality.

You can view his Kickstarter campaign video below.

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