Ella & the Christmas Star (Cookie, that is)

Ella & the Christmas Star (Cookie, that is)

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Ella & the Christmas Star (Cookie, that is)


This is an original Christmas story that will warm your heart and give you some great holiday recipes at the same time! You first met Ella  in The Night Before Christmas Cookie. Now, The Food Channel crew present a new story, with brand new cookie recipes that will make your season just a little brighter. It’s our holiday gift to you!

Watch the video by clicking the video graphic above (second photo).

Or, download the PDF and read the story in storybook form:

Ella and the Christmas Star (pdf)

Original story by Kay Logsdon; photography by David Nehmer. Special thanks to Ella and her mother, Emily.

Ella & the Christmas Star

Christmas was always special to Ella.   

She loved the parties, the decorating, and the excitement. 

She loved the shopping, the wrapping, and the unwrapping, too! 

And Ella REALLY loved all the Christmas baking. 

She loved sharing what she baked with her friends. 

And she loved, loved, loved eating them—especially the cookies! 

But this year there was something on Ella’s mind besides cookies.

You see, Ella’s family was going to have a new baby.

Her mother had carefully explained to Ella that she was going to be a big sister.

She said the baby would love her.

 And that he would look up to her, as someone who could teach him fun things to do.

Her mother said, “You’ll be a bright, beautiful star in his eyes!”

Well, Ella liked stars.

Especially at Christmas, when the stars just seemed a little more special.

She loved how the stars shone brightly in the sky in the cold winter nights.

She loved using stars to decorate.

She loved carefully placing the star at the top of the Christmas tree.

And she loved, loved, loved, decorating and eating Star-shaped cookies!

But she wondered . . . how could SHE be a star? 

SHE couldn’t hang in the sky.

They couldn’t put HER up for decoration.

And they certainly wouldn’t eat her!

And, then, one day her mother told her it was time—the baby was on his way.

Ella knew that she wanted to greet the baby as a “star.” But how could she show the baby how much she cared about being a good big sister? How could she be a star?

And that’s when it hit her.

To her, the BABY was the star! She needed to quit worrying about how SHE could be special—and just concentrate on making HIM the star!

Ella went to the kitchen and pulled out the recipes on her Mom’s iPad. 

She looked at the recipe for Scandinavian Spritz Cookies. Yum!

She looked at the recipe for Citrus Butter Cookies; they would make the house smell SO good.

And she looked at the sugar cookie recipes, especially the one where star cookies could be used to build a beautiful cookie tree! 

And then she got started.

By the time her mother and father returned with the baby, there were stars everywhere!

She had piled cookie stars in the kitchen.

She had decorated the tree with stars.

And she had carefully laid a trail of stars leading to the new nursery.

And, at the end of the trail, there was a great big star with the baby’s name on it, plus a big heart, signed, 

Love, Ella

Because of all the stars at Christmas, Ella had found her favorite.

Her new baby brother was the best star she’d ever seen!


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