The Final Guilty Pleasure of Hostess

The Final Guilty Pleasure of Hostess

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The Final Guilty Pleasure of Hostess


This is a picture of an empty Ding Dong’s box.

Along with the rest of the world, The Food Channel crew made the run to the grocery store to buy up what was left on the shelves. Yes, we know that people are putting unopened boxes of Hostess’ products on Ebay for tens of thousands of dollars. It didn’t stop us from opening the boxes we got and distributing them throughout the office.

While there were groans as people heard the news of the plant closing, it was also easy to see at least part of what brought it about.

“Oh . . . I grew up eating Twinkies!” said several. “I haven’t had one for years.”

If you don’t buy them, folks, what do you expect? And, while there is an uproar and an upsurge of childhood memories, there is also an acceptance that this is a different time and place, and—really—we don’t buy them much anymore. When we do indulge, we go for the Squiggle from Crumbs Bake Shop.

We did find out though, that Hostess still feels like a guilty pleasure. One co-worker was OK with the demise of Hostess, until he remembered that Donettes were part of their line of goodies. “Oh, no,” he said. “That’s my Sunday morning treat!”

For perhaps the last time, we sampled the Ding Dongs, the Ho Hos, the Twinkies, and even the chocolate-filled Twinkies. We shared a few lunchbox memories. We even talked about how they were the original on-trend cupcake. We consoled those who cared with the words of a Facebook friend: “Relax. Someone else will make Twinkies.”

Now there are talks of mediation, and companies perhaps lining up to buy the equipment and intellectual property. There may be life ahead for those who love the brand.

In the meantime, we had our wake for Hostess. And then we headed to the gym.


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