Food Gets Fancy for Fido and Fluffy

Food Gets Fancy for Fido and Fluffy

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Food Gets Fancy for Fido and Fluffy


While many folks are dealing with a tough economy by eating more hamburger and fewer steaks, their pets, it seems are not feeling the pinch.

As reported by William Grimes, writing for The New York Times, major pet-food companies such as Nestlé Purina Pet Care have launched luxury product lines for our four-legged friends. Smaller pet food makers have entered the super premium category, too.

Elegant Medleys, a deluxe offshoot of Purina’s Fancy Feast cat food was introduced in 2006 with flavors like Turkey Florentine. In 2009 the pet food maker came out with a line of cat appetizers such as steamed tilapia and tongol tuna in broth.

For dogs, Purina rolled out Chef Michael’s Canine Creations (“chef-inspired, canine desired). The super premium lineup included flavors like rotisserie chicken with carrot and corn garnishes. The line has just added new flavors this winter: short rib, stewed chicken, and beef brisket.

Mars Petcare has added bistro entrees to its Cesar line of super premium dog food, and Del Monte Foods has joined the trend, adding the Market Select line to its Meox Mix cat foods.

Smaller players have joined the gourmet movement as well. Merrick, a small, family-owned company based in Amarillo, Tex., has introduced French Country Café, a blend of duck, brown rice, carrots, Golden Delicious apples and peas.

Another small company, Petropics, has a line called Tiki Dog, which includes such choices as Kuaui Luau—chicken with brown rice, sweet potato, prawns, egg, garlic and kale in lobster consommé.

Pet owners, often referred to as “pet parents” by the makers of super-premium pet foods, do not mind reaching in their wallets and paying extra, even in recessionary times.

“It is now considered socially acceptable to treat pets as members of the family and to express that by spending lavishly on them, especially when it comes to food,” said David Lummis, the senior pet-industry analyst for Packaged Facts, a market research company, quoted in the Times article.

Well, it’s nice to know someone is eating well in these lean times.

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