How Do You Make Pierogies?

How Do You Make Pierogies?

Ask the Chef

How Do You Make Pierogies?


In celebration of October 8th’s recognition of National Pierogi Day, we are rolling out this Ask the Chef!


I am looking for a recipe for pierogies. Can you help? Thanks! — Maralyn


Pierogies are a traditional Polish dish, and Pittsburgh, PA claims to be the pierogie-making capitol of the U.S. They are simply little half moon-shaped pillows with a potato filling, just the kind of thing to fill you up and warm you up when it’s cold. They are also great to keep on hand during the holidays to feed a crowd; the savory wedges are good served with sour cream. You can also fill them with cooked meats, cheese, or vegetables, or even make a dessert pierogi with a fruit filling.

This is not a Food Channel tested recipe but will perhaps give you the ingredients to adapt to what works for you. It is one that one of our editors remembers with pleasure from family get togethers over the years. There are also two links below to different recipes you may want to compare.

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