How Do You Roast Hatch Chiles?

Hatch Chiles

How Do You Roast Hatch Chiles?

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How Do You Roast Hatch Chiles?


From our Ask the Chef series. Hatch chiles have a limited late-summer season, so the time to get your Hatch chiles is now and the best way to preserve them is to roast them. Then you’ll have them for a great hamburger addition or to spice up many of your best dishes!

Q: How do you roast and skin Hatch chiles?

A: Roasting hatch chiles brings out the rich smoky flavor of this late summer pepper. Hatch chiles can be roasted directly over a gas stove burner with adequate ventilation, under an over broiler or outside on a BBQ gas grill. Place chiles on grill and roast for about 3 minutes, or until the skin blisters and chars, tuning frequently with long tongs, until all sides are blackened. Place roasted chiles in a brown paper bag or covered bowl and let sit for 5 minutes to steam. Gently rub the blackened skin off the chiles. With the stem end intact, slice each roasted chile lengthwise and carefully remove the seeds and membrane with a knife or your fingers.

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